Getting Authors Noticed is Job #1 for New Publishers

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Every aspiring author, in their heart of hearts believes: “If I can just get my book published and into mainstream bookstores, I’ll be on my way to fame and fortune!”


Ever notice how people shop for a book in a bookstore? Generally, they don’t start at one end and work their way around, title by title.

More usually, they already know what they’re looking for and head right to a section for the genre they like and find the authors they know, or titles they’ve heard about.

Everything else around the bookstore is practically invisible.

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That’s pretty much the way buyers shop online too. They just don’t have to walk around the store anymore. But, rather than passing by thousands of other titles and authors, these now total in the millions.

In fact, according to Bowker, the official US agency responsible for assigning ISBN numbers to new titles, the numbers are growing to be rather staggering:

  • 296,352 books were published in the U.S. 2006
  • 561,580 books were published in the U.S. in 2008
  • 4,134,519 books were published in the U.S. 2010

Data cited from Bowker data as of 2011

upward-graphAnd Bowker estimates that they will have issued 15,000,000 ISBN numbers for new books by 2012. Why the big jumps in new published titles? Again, according to Bowker:

“Transformation of our industry has brought on a time of rich innovation in the publishing models we now have today. What was once relegated to the outskirts of our industry—and even took on demeaning names like ‘vanity press’ is now not only a viable alternative but what is driving the title growth of our industry today,” said Kelly Gallagher, Vice-President, Bowker Market Research. “From that standpoint, self-publishing is a true legitimate power to be reckoned with. Coupled with the explosive growth of e-books and digital content – these two forces are moving the industry in dramatic ways.”

That’s right. Self-publishing through digitally delivered content is driving these huge numbers of new books to the market. But is there a market for all these new titles?

According to Publisher’s Weekly, 2011 The Global eBook Market: Current and Future Projections:

“Consumers’ attitudes as recently reported by BISG (Book Industry Study Group) reflect the deep and rapid change in the industry, particularly the revenue losses of hardcover and paperback sales. About 67 percent of ebook buyers said they increased their spending on ebooks…”

What does this mean to you as a new author? We sum it up in this simple equation:

eBooks + Visibility = Sales!

advertising-ebooks-authorsPublishing books is now the easiest and cheapest part of the problem to solve. Providing visibility to new authors and their titles, enabling them to rise above the masses for customer awareness, is the real kicker.

Thus, the traditional role of the book publisher in today’s market, has transitioned from getting author’s books to print and then into stores, to promoting and marketing their authors after they are already listed through digital retailers.  Read on…in Getting Noticed.