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The Precious Opals – A Children’s Book by Tina Adams Carter

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TPO Amazon CoverLittle girls are usually more interested in the colors of their clothes, the bows in their hair, or the dresses that their dolls wear than realizing when they have hurt their friends’ feelings. This is true when Penny and Lucy meet Angel, and they all become fast friends

Then Lucy begins to wonder if Penny likes Angel more. Soon Penny starts to think the same about Lucy and Angel begins to feel sad because her new pals are not getting along. Worry over who prefers who threatens to break the girls apart.

Unsure how to deal with the hurt feelings, Penny, Lucy and Angel turn to their mothers, who decide a group playdate is just what the trio needs. There, Angel’s mom gives all three of them their own beautiful Opal. She explains how the pretty, round stone with its many glittering colors represents their circle of friendship and teaches the girls that being different can actually bring them closer together.

The Precious Opals is a children’s book about squabbles and disagreements that go on within friendships.  Sometimes having a best friend turn on you can be worse than bullying.  It can bring up emotions and fears that young children cannot handle at such a young age.

The Precious Opals helps children and their parents learn how to cope with bumps in the road and also to see how a beautiful gift can bond these friendships together while allowing young readers, grow from these challenges as they grow closer to their friends. The book is written for age groups 3-8 years old.

“Being a mother of two girls herself, it was a challenge for me to watch them deal with fights and squabbles among their female friends. Sometimes having a best pal turn on you can be worse than bullying. It brings up emotions and fears that young girls are not equipped to handle at that age.”

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Tina Adams-Carter is a freelance writer residing in San Diego, CA. Tina is known for her quick wit, which she uses frequently in her style of writing

In her spare time Tina and her family help the homeless and their pets, by collecting pet food and distributing it through Pets of the Homeless, a non-profit organization.

Her first book in a children’s genre, The Precious Opals, is part of an ongoing series and is available on in both Kindle and paperback formats.