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The Precious Opals a hit with Teachers and Students

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Tina Adams-Carter, author of The Precious Opals, has found a rapt audience for her book readings in local schools among teachers, students and their parents. The story of The Precious Opals offers a lesson for helping young children deal with the bumps along the road in dealing with formative years friendships.

Tina enjoys the readings and questions from children who seem eager to learn about dealing with the ups and downs of childhood interpersonal relationships with friends and family.

She is hard at work on her second book in the Precious Opals series and we expect to publish it later this year – so stay tuned.

Teachers with author Tina Adams-Carter

Students with author Tina Adams-Carter

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Tina Adams-Carter is a freelance writer residing in San Diego, CA. Tina is known for her quick wit, which she uses frequently in her style of writing

In her spare time Tina and her family help the homeless and their pets, by collecting pet food and distributing it through Pets of the Homeless, a non-profit organization.

Her first book in a children’s genre, The Precious Opals, is part of an ongoing series and is available on in both Kindle and paperback formats.