Free Services

Free services to authors means – you don’t have to pay any upfront costs. Under this basic level of service, we derive our fees based on a small percentage of the after sales revenue. This is referred to as our publisher royalty.

Our publisher royalty percent is 10% of the net revenue received from online retail sales on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Borders. For example, if the author’s book sells on and generates $10 in net proceeds to the author, after Amazon deducts their sales costs, we take $1 and send the author the remaining $9.

Free Services List –

  • Press release announcements on publisher webpage for new authors and newly published titles – these get picked up by various wire services and RSS newsfeeds
  • Publisher email opt-in list announcements about new authors and just-published titles, with special offers and bonus coupons to jump-start new book sales
  • Publisher website listed author page, with bio, pictures and published books — including direct links to online retail outlets for instant book purchases
  • Author’s titles published through top online retailers: Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Borders – we do all the submissions work and pass 90% of royalties earned back to the author
  • Design and direct website and marketing campaigns around authors and their book titles: includes unique website art direction, email announcement and marketing campaigns, blog mentions in publisher’s weekly blog, publisher represented Blogtalkradio interviews and tips on getting bookstore author readings and in-store promotions

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