Premium Author Services

Premium Author Services are offered in addition to those you already receive when you are first approved as an author represented by StarWand Publishing (see our Free Service category). 

Our Premium Author Services include everything in the Free Service category, plus:

  • Book reviews – the single, most powerful advantage for new titles is getting people to read and recommend them
  • Press releases announcing new book titles and authors to news wire services, prominent book reviewers and literary entertainment bloggers
  • Local book tours and bookstore appearances
  • Deep discounts on our Fee Based Services for manuscript editing, book cover art, logo design, website art and banner designs, author press kits and affiliate marketing advertisements
  • Discounts on targeted email advertising campaigns

Premium Author Services are funded by a minimal monthly subscription per book title and a small first month refundable deposit.

NOTE: Premium Author Services are only available to authors currently represented by StarWand Publishing. Please apply on our Submissions page. If accepted, you will be sent an email with the option to also join as a premium member. If you choose the premium option, you will be directed to another page for details and payment information.

Read on…in Fee Paid Services

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