Author Services

Traditional publishers, meaning print publishers, generally foot the bill to have books produced in bulk from manuscripts to final soft and hardcover books you see at retail book outlets. Typically, publishers are also responsible for marketing and distribution costs to promote their author’s books.

Since the new era of on-demand publishing, printed books can be produced as-needed for a relatively low per-book cost in printing and practically no-cost in digital format. Because the upfront costs have been so minimized, authors can call on non-traditional publishers, who can utilize this on-demand production model to reduce their upfront investment and focus mainly on marketing and distribution costs, which put money in authors pockets much more quickly. It also enables non-traditional publishers to charge authors less in royalties, while deferring other upfront costs to their authors, so they can cover their expenses and make a profit.

Many non-traditional publishers are known to be “vanity publishers”. As the phrase implies, authors who want their books published, even if they have to pay for it themselves, are enabled through vanity publishing services. They offer essentially low, or no cost on-demand publishing and charge handsomely for marketing and distribution services — which is really the most important part of publishing to begin with.

StarWand Publishing offers new authors the best of both publishing and promoting, with no upfront costs and low, pay-for-success marketing and distribution services. Since we, the management of StarWand are all authors too, we think this is a much better way to go. Nobody else agreed with us, however, so we started our own publishing business.

StarWand Publishing services offered to new authors essentially fall into three categories:

  1. Free Services
  2. Premium Author Services
  3. Fee Based Services

Depending on an author’s need and budget, all services are designed to exponentially grow the author’s brand and visibility for their book titles. People have told us we’re crazy for giving new authors so much service for free, but we believe our fees are in line with our costs and offer reasonable exchange for helping new authors launch their writing careers. Read on…in Free Services

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