Getting published” in today’s point-and-click world of on-demand services, isn’t the problem it used to be. Now, you can publish yourself within minutes and be welcomed, like a rockstar, into the mega retail worlds of Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes and iUniverse!

So you’ve toiled away, sometimes for years and finally, you’ve completed your manuscript. You’re excited! And you should be. Being a creator of an original work is awe inspiring. The sooner you can get it out to the masses, the faster you can start cashing in on your talent and hard work. With relatively little effort, you create a Kindle® version of your book (as an example), throw in your description and retail price you hope to receive and voilà – you’re a published author! Then, you wait…and wait…and wait.

You see, the problem isn’t about getting “published” anymore. The real problem is VISIBILITY and MARKETING/BRAND AWARENESS, of which you sadly have neither, as a new author. All the major online publishers do essentially the same thing. They help you list your work in their vast catalogs of other books, music and games – along with millions of other hopeful creators; just like you. And beyond that, they do NOTHING. It’s up to you to promote your own work and drive customers to their library.

StarWand Publishing was founded by authors and creators of original works, for other authors, just like you, who don’t need a place to show their work, they need people to SEE and BUY their work. How do we do this? Read on…in Getting Noticed

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